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Jade G



French Native Speaker and Fluent English.


Singing, Drama, Art, Music, Teaching and working with young children.


  • BA Hons Modern Literature and English.

  • First Aid - Level 2


  • 1-2 years working as a French teaching assistant.

  • Ad hoc nannying and babysitting.

  • 1 year French tutoring


I've always been described as someone warm and full of life ! 


I've always had good grades but school was a place where I often felt overwhelmed. I only discovered later, at university, that I was diagnosed with Asperger's. 

It's harder to detect it for a women because we tend to mimic others and act as chameleons to fit in. I understood later that the french educative system didn't fit me and it made me reconsider my studies and projects.


That's why I ended up in Ireland as a French Teaching Assistant a year later; and I loved that job. I had the opportunity to help students becoming more confident and to trust themselves more. 


I'm fond of art in general, but my 2 main interests are drama and singing ! I often do gigs during the summer and open mics when I have the chance. I've also created a drama company when I was at university and that was an amazing experience. 


I love teaching and I want to help as much as I can !

"It's not always easy coordinating a date night but Danielle is reliable and puts me at ease knowing my toddler and home are under her thoughtful and loving care!" — Ariel, mother of 1

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