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Fees Policy

If fees are not paid, DCL Early Years Services are within its rights to immediately terminate services and take legal action against you to recover fees.


Registration fee


DCL Early Years Services Ltd does not charge a registration fee to cover paperwork and initial information sharing.


Trial Sessions and Initial Consultations


Initial Consultation: Free 30-minute phone call.

Trial Session: Free 30-minute session.


Fees Payable


You have the option to book single services for an hourly fee or a block of services buy purchasing a pricing plan upfront. Pricing plans include a 10% discount.


Pricing Plans

  • Tuition Membership Plan - £126 for a block of 4 1-1 Tuition Sessions.

  • Talk with Me Programme Plan - £216 for a full 8-week Programme.

  • Class Pass Essex £49 for a block of 8 classes


Hourly Fees



  • £15- £20 per hour - Early Education Nanny, and Travel/Event Nanny

  • £18 - £25 per hour - Governess

  • £14-£18 per hour – Parent Help

  • £10 - £15 per hour – Evening Babysitting

  • £12 - £18 per hour - After School Care and Pick up 


Early Education

  • £15 - £18 per 30 minutes – Talk with Me – Communication and Language Programme

  • £15 - £20 per 30 minutes – Squiggle with Me – Pre-Writing Programme, and Play with Me – Developmental Play

  • £15 - £20 per 30 minutes – Learn to Read with Me – Pre Reading-Skills Programme

  • £35 per hour – Pre-Prep 3 & 4 + Assessment and Sessions

  • £30 - £35 per hour - Read to Read and Write With Me - Phonics

  • £15 - £20 per 30 minutes - 1,2,3 Count With Me - Early Mathematics

  • £30 - £35 per hour - Learn With Me - School Readiness


Primary Education

  • £30 - £40 per hour - 1-1 Tuition and Phonics Sessions

  • £15 per hour per child – Small Group Tuition

  • £8 per child - Online Comprehension Class for 8-10 year olds


Language Services

  • £20 per 30 minutes – Online Language Lesson

  • £30 per hour – Online Language Lesson

  • £25 per hour – Translation Services

  • £40 per hour - In Person Language Lesson



Refer a friend discount – We offer a 15% promotional discount off of your invoice if you refer us to a friend and they use our services. (Note this discount can only be used once.)


Additional Charges

  • Provider holiday £ - no charge

  • Provider Lateness £ - no charge

  • Provider illness £ - no charge

  • Provider occasional days off £ - no charge

  • Overnight care £ - We do not offer this service. Please let us know if it is something you require.

  • Child / family holiday £ - no charge if 4 weeks’ notice is given. Half fee if 4 weeks’ notice is not given.

  • Child / family illness £ - no charge if 4 hours notice is given. Half fee if given no notice.

  • Bank Holidays £ - full fee

  • Booked overtime £ - normal rate.

  • Non-booked overtime - £6 per half hour after 10 minutes. Please remember that overtime is not always available.

  • Collection / drop off - Normal hourly rate if collection or drop off  to your house or another setting for the travel time.

  • Travel expenses - £8 travel charge will be added to your invoice if the journey for the staff member takes more than 30 minutes. 

  • Report - £7 for an electronic copy of your child's assessment and report.



Paying fees – Hourly fees are invoiced either weekly or daily. Please let us know which you prefer. Payment Plans are invoiced upfront.

Payment options - We accept Bank transfer (BACS), cash, vouchers or a combination of these methods. DCL Early Years Services Ltd do not normally accept cheques.

Please remember that you are responsible for paying DCL Early Years Services Ltd - not Tax Credits, Care to Learn or voucher companies. If payments are late, it is your responsibility to ensure we are paid.


Payment date – Invoices must be paid within 15 days of receiving the invoice.


Unpaid fees - Either fees paid in advance for contracted hours or those billed at the end of the month for payment with the invoice will be charged at a late payment rate of £5 per working day, to a maximum of £25.

If fees have not been paid the contract will be suspended until payment has been made and legal advice will be sought.

Help with fees


Tax credits might pay a percentage of your childcare costs, depending on joint family income. Advice can be found here - If you need help with claiming Tax Credits or other benefits (letters writing, confirmations of invoices /amounts charged etc), please contact us.


Problems paying fees


Please let us know as quickly as possible if you are having problems paying your child’s fees. We would much rather work with you to resolve the issues than have to cause a child upset and trauma by terminating their contract.

Contract Termination


All fees must be paid in full before the contract is terminated. Contract termination must normally be given in writing giving a minimum of 2 weeks’ notice by either party.


The termination period does not include holiday days / weeks.


The termination period is chargeable at the normal rate.  If any fees are outstanding, including any fees in lieu of notice, you will be acting in breach of contract.  In such an instance DCL Early Years Services Ltd reserve the right to seek legal advice.

Fees Review


Fees are reviewed annually in August. You will be informed if fees are changing. This will give you 4 weeks’ notice so you can adjust tax credits / bank payments / vouchers etc.


Please remember! Booked sessions are reserved for your child/children’s sole use. This means that we are unable to care for another child on the days and sessions that your child is due to attend. We charge full fees for all booked sessions and overtime if extra sessions are required. We will always invoice parents for booked sessions unless staff are ill or on holiday and unable to provide a service.


If you have any questions about our Fees Policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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