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Child Doing Art Activity


Professional Excellence:
DCL Early Years Services Ltd is directed by a qualified teacher and early years specialist who employs all staff directly and ensures ongoing development for the whole team. We only employ early years professionals who share our passion and ethos for the high standards of care and education we provide for our families.

DCL Early Years offers warm, professional private education and care for children aged 0-11 years.

Our dedicated staff are committed to providing a supportive environment in which your child can grow and thrive.

We are truly passionate about early years development and what we enjoy most at DCL is watching the children learn and grow throughout their time with us. We love making each child feel confident and tailoring our approach to their individual needs as we get to know them.

Our services are based in London, Essex and Kent (see our Contact page for details). 


Our Services


Professional Childcare

  • Evening Babysitting​

  • Early Education Nanny​

  • Governess

  • ​Part-Time Nanny

  • ​Parent Help

  • ​Travel Nanny

  • Event Nanny

  • ​Live Out Nanny

  • ​Temporary Nanny​

  • After School Pick up & Care

  • School drop off


Early Education

  • Talk With Me - Communication & Language 

  • ​Play With Me - Developmental Play 

  • ​Learn to Read With Me -Let's Get Ready to Read!

  • ​Squiggle With Me - Let's Get Ready to Write!

  • ​Learn With Me - Let's Get Ready to Start School! 

  • Ready to Read & Write With Me - Phonics Sessions

  • ​Count With Me - Early Mathematics 

  • ​Listen With Me - Attention & Listening 

  • ​Sing With Me - Song, Music & Rhyme 

  • Pretend With Me - Drama & Story Retelling 

  • Create With Me - Arts & Crafts 

  • Exercise With Me - Physical Education

  • ​​3 and 4 + - Assessment & Prep


Primary Education

  • Private 1-1 Tuition

  • ​Small Group Tuition

  • English

  • Mathematics

  • Phonics

  • Home Schooling

  • ​Handwriting Programme

  • ​Homework Help

  • ​​7+, 8+ & 11 + Assessment & Prep

  • Touch Typing

  • Chess Lessons

Mother and Child

Language Lessons

  • 1-1 Private 

  • ​Small Group 

  • ​English as a Second Language 

  • ​Spanish 

  • ​French 

  • ​Russian 

  • Turkish

  • Romanian

  • Bulgarian

  • Italian

  • ​Translation

"It's not always easy coordinating a date night but Danielle is reliable and puts me at ease knowing my toddler and home are under her thoughtful and loving care!" — Ariel, mother of 1

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